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Der weiße Ring - The white ring

der weiße Ring im Berghof in LechThis weekend the white ring, the longest ski race in the world, took place again in Lech. The 1000 participants could enjoy best weather conditions with bright sunshine and a cloudless blue sky. Tennis legend Boris Becker opened the 22km long race on time at 9.00 am.

The enthousiastic participants matched themselves from Lech to Zürs, via Zug and Oberlech back to Lech. For the first time this year a new selection process had been applied; It was no longer "first in, first served" – the participants were selected randomly by luck and fortune.

The fastest skier was once again last years winner, Pepi Strobl with a running time of 46.03,62. Among the women also last year’s winner Angelika Kaufmann made it again with a time of 48.08,34. From the snowboarders Schurian Christoph and Moll Susi won the battle. The award ceremony took place in the Schneggarei next to the target area. In the evening, the “White Night” parties took place in several locations of Lech and all the winners, participants, fans and friends partied until the early morning hours.

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