Berghof Bar

It is valuable catching something out of a spirit. Out of an atmosphere. Out of a time. (Peter Burger)

Once upon a time…

To catch a moment sounds like a very nice idea to us. We want to form this concept. In our bar, which has been the place-to-be in the middle of Lech already in the 50ies. Songs have been composed for this bar, where the cloakroom was too small, but the atmosphere just perfect. In the Berghof bar. We want to give this time a revival in the present. With special Signature Cocktails, selected especially for you.


Berghof drinks

Speaking of smart Signature Cocktails, many local products, unique drinks, rarities and also classics which belong in every bar menu. The selection is various. To make your evening at the Berghof-Bar a very special one, every single time.

The atmosphere

In the spotlight: Encounters. Either at the aperitif before dinner or at the nightcap after dinner. The Berghof-Bar should be a meeting point for those who appreciate a nice drink at the crackling fireplace. The fire and a black, elegant piano create the most comfortable atmosphere.


NEW since Winter 2018

Baby, you can swing! This is the motto for our weekly Tanzabend! Every wednesday, we swing to live music – to honor the good old times!


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