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Der Berghof is a place for people who value the special moments in life. Contributing to the unique flair of Der Berghof is its luxurious infrastructure; including a beginners’ lift, the elevator that brings you dry and warm from the center of the village right into the hotel, and a golf driving range on the grounds of the hotel, which all contribute to feeling pampered and well cared for.

The boutique hotel “Der Berghof” is situated in a quiet and privileged location right above the center of Lech. This idyllic mountain village counts amongst the most beautiful resorts of the Alps. Situated at about 5000 feet its grandiose mountain panorama and international lure are the backdrop for this legendary ski paradise in winter. In summer Lech is an outstanding natural gem; providing ample activities for nature enthusiasts such as hiking, golfing, mountain-biking, and tennis. For those searching for the less of a hurried vacation, the spa and exclusive shopping await.


At Der Berghof, time flows a bit differently, more quietly, perhaps even more slowly. A charming hotel, with an immensely personal touch, with dedication to details: this explains the harmonious ambiance that pervades throughout the hotel.



Gourmet food with the spirit of Der Berghof. Here, you’ll find the true moments of happiness. Exquisite treats for palate and soul. Products of high quality, the passion for unique creations and innovation. Enjoy the stories, our kitchen crew is going to tell you.

Berghof cuisine


A discovery of a world with a special touch.
High exclusiveness, unforced and honest atmosphere. Der Berghof stands for Austrian flair, combined with modern design and the love for the little things. Welcome to your incompareable holidays.

Berghof adventures

Holiday Membership
at the Golfclub Lech.

You are a Golf lover and you love Lech? Combine your favourite sport with your favourite Holiday location and use the Holiday Membership at the Golfclub Lech.



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Berghof Packages.

Berghof Seven

Wieder da! 7 Tage Aktiv-Bergsommer -15%
(kostenfrei stornieren bis 1 Woche vor Anreise) Es ist geschafft. Die Türen sind geöffnet. Nach draußen, wo so viel Schönes wartet. Eine Woche im Berghof mit zahlreichen Aktivitäten.

ab € 987

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For Mountaineers

3 nights / 4 days
July 3rd
 until September 27th 2020

Can you hear them? The summits are calling. The Lech mountains have so much to offer for your wanderlust. Der Berghof adds some special moments, to round up this package...

ab € 143

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23.09. bis 27.09.2020
'Philosophenbar' wieder im Berghof!

Als ob! Die Kraft der Fiktion.

Beim 24. Philosophicum Lech werden wieder renommierte Philosophen und Vertreter benachbarter Wissenschaften erwartet und mit dem Publikum diskutieren.

ab € 548

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Your hosts
Isabelle & Stefan Burger

It feels like ages ago that we were carefree and travelled the world, inspired by people and cultures which helped mould us into who we are today. We have now settled in our hometown of Lech, are blessed with two wonderful children and love our chosen profession. Our passion for other cultures has remained our visions and experiences manifest themsleves in this home we call „Der Berghof“. Our hotel is a place where our guests feel like close personal friends. Our friends are welcome to enjoy their special vacation in a relaxed and warm atmosphere.

Idyllic Places. A Partner suiting our philosophy.

Der Berghof is proud to be a member of the exclusive
circle of the “Idyllic Places”. Their philosophy speaks right from our hearts: “Idyllic Places are alpine Resorts with a charm of their own,
now almost impossible to find. Places where your holiday can bring incredibly rich experiences: a return to the roots, the luxury of taking things slowly, a taste for beauty, emotions of rare intensity and a sense of contentment.”
Der Berghof is one of the twelve special members.


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