Stay safe – information for your holidays

Hardfacts about the Corona Virus

  • Fresh air as well as dry air is a silver bullet. During longer conversations, we suggest to open the nearest window.
  • On many surfaces, the virus survives no longer than 48 hours. Wet laundry however is a paradise for the Corona virus.
  • You can only pass on the Virus over the face – please avoid touching it.
  • Wash or disinfect your hands thoroughly and regulary. It helps a lot to protect you and others.
  • Do not forget your smartphone! Also sanitize your devices regularly.

Also have a look at the FAQs regarding this topic.



Your safety during your stay

  • A smile sometimes has more to give than a handshake – Smile with us!
  • Stations with disinfectant are located at the most important spots in the hotel.
  • Our staff is trained, and all staff members will adhere to distance requirements and wear face masks.
  • Of course, you can pay your bill contactless.
  • Use elevators only with persons of your own household


  • Keep the distance – also at the buffet
  • Some dishes are portioned and can be taken to your table without any doubt
  • Cheese, cold cuts and fish will be prepared for you at the buffet just as you like
  • Warm dishes like scrambled eggs will be served freshly
  • Please disinfect your hands regulary. Best BEFORE and AFTER leaving your table


  • There is no salad buffet – instead, we offer fresh salad composures served directly from the kitchen
  • We reserve the same table for you for breakfast and dinner.
  • More space: During high occupancy we will offer 2 seatings – one at 6.30 pm and one at 8.15 pm.
  • We are not allowed to put salt and pepper on the tables – don’t hesitate to ask for it.

Sauna and fitness area

  • A maximum number of persons is signed out at the Saunas and at the fitness area.
  • We have expanded the opening hours.
  • While waiting for your Spa appointment in the Spa area, please wear a face mask. During the treatment, a face mask is not necessary.
  • Please disinfect sport equipment BEFORE and AFTER use.
  • All areas are disinfected regularly.

Room cleaning and possible repairs

  • You can be sure that we spring-clean your room and with advisedly, and of course with opened windows.
  • We only clean in absence of guests
  • Please open the window in your room before your departure.

Weekly tests

All our staff members must present a negative Test before they start work at the Berghof. During the season, we all go weekly to get tested. The results are given within 24 hours. Let us fight against the virus and protect others!