For Your Safe Holiday

Travelers should be vaccinated (valid for up to 360 days) or recovered (valid for 180 days).


With regard to the ongoing changes to the legal provisions, this information is without guarantee.

Since November 8th, 2021, hotel and restaurant visits are only possible with a valid vaccination or after recovery. A test, neither antigen nor PCR, does NOT entitle access.


  • Single vaccination: Johnson & Jonson from 22 days after vaccination to 270 days after vaccination, after January 3rd, 2022 only valid in connection with a booster vaccination of an approved mRNA vaccine.
  • Second vaccination: Moderna, BionTech / Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca from the 2nd vaccination up to 270 days after the second vaccination.
  • Booster vaccination: up to 360 days after the 3rd dose.

There are, of course, exceptions for people who cannot be vaccinated.


  • Medical or official confirmation of having recovered from a Covid-19 infection or copy of separation decision valid up to 180 days after having recovered from infection.

This regulation applies to all persons from the age of 12 and is summarized again in detail following. this link.

If you or your fellow travellers do not meet any of the listed requirements by the time you arrive, we are currently not allowed to accept you as a guest in our hotel / restaurant. Failure to provide the proof required at the time of your arrival will not be considered as force majeure and the cancellation conditions agreed for your booking apply. The vaccination as a prerequisite for a carefree hotel stay is considered reasonable.

We are obliged to check compliance with the 2G rule at check-in. Please note that the entry and entry regulations can change before your arrival. We will of course keep you informed as best we can. The regulations, which can often change in a few days without notice, are beyond our control and you are responsible for compliance with them.



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Check-In & Check-out

  • A smile is often more than a handshake – smile with us!
  • Please show your 2G proof at reception.
  • Disinfection stations are available for you in all areas.
  • Our reception is equipped with glass protective walls.
  • You can of course pay your bill contactless at check-out if you wish.



  • Please disinfect your hands regularly, preferably BEFORE and AFTER going to the buffet.
  • Glass protective walls were erected wherever the setting does not guarantee the minimum distance.



  • We may not be able to offer massages and beauty treatments (body-hugging services) for the time being. However, the entire Spa and our fitness area are fully operational.
  • Please disinfect all used sports equipment in the fitness room and gym BEFORE and AFTER use.
  • We regularly clean and disinfect all areas in the spa and fitness area.
  • There is a clearly visible maximum number of people for all cabins. We assume that you can comply with these without any action on our part.



  • You can be sure that your room will be cleaned carefully and thoroughly as usual.
  • Our housekeeping staff only clean when the guests are absent.
  • Sufficient ventilation is provided during cleaning.
  • Repairs are also only carried out in the absence of the guests.
  • Please open the window in your room before you leave. Thank you very much.

Let’s all be a little bit superhero and so together bring back normality!