For Your Safe Holiday

Planned measures from 01st June 2022

Mask requirement

-No mask requirement for 3 months
-In vital trade
-In public transportation

Mask requirement remains in place in vulnerable settings

-Hospitals, nursing homes, care homes, health services
-Re-introduction possible as case numbers increase
-Reinstatement likely starting in the fall

New regulations starting April 16th, 2022

The easing of the epidemiologic situation means that some protective measures may be relaxed as of April 16th. The 2nd COVID-19 Basic Measures Regulation will go into effect on that date and will remain in effect for the time being until July 8.

FFP2 mask requirement

The FFP2 mask requirement now applies only in enclosed spaces of:

Hospitals, nursing homes and similar settings, public transportation and its stops, and cabs, customer areas of vital commerce, administrative offices when parties are in session, and facilities for religious worship, unless they are entered for the purpose of a religious gathering such as a mass. Wearing FFP2 masks in all enclosed spaces is still recommended.


3-G evidence must now only be provided by visitors, employees and service providers in hospitals, nursing homes and similar settings.

Green Pass:

The validity period of vaccination certificates for another vaccination (3rd vaccination) was extended to 365 days.

Answers to frequently asked questions about entering Austria can be found at this link



Check-In & Check-out

  • A smile is often more than a handshake – smile with us!
  • Disinfection stations are available for you in all areas.
  • Our reception is equipped with glass protective walls.
  • You can of course pay your bill contactless at check-out if you wish.



  • Please disinfect your hands regularly, preferably BEFORE and AFTER going to the buffet.
  • Glass protective walls were erected wherever the setting does not guarantee the minimum distance.



  • Please disinfect all used sports equipment in the fitness room and gym BEFORE and AFTER use.
  • We regularly clean and disinfect all areas in the spa and fitness area.